Bird Feeders & Bird Seed


Feed your backyard birds! They love our Droll Yankees bird feeders & Wild Delight seed. They also love the plethora of berries and seeds they find naturally when you plant natives! 

Bird Houses, Bee Houses, & Bat Houses


You have attracted wildlife to your yard, now it's time to give your garden-friends a place to call home. What better than these one-of-a-kind creations made from cedar?

Environmentally Friendly Mulch


Pine Straw and Florimulch are the go-to mulches for environmentally conscious gardeners. Florimulch is made from the invasive Melalueca tree. Pine mulch is great for creating paths and walkways as well as for mulching.

Soil, Fertilizer, & Horticultural Sprays


We carry the products you need for successful gardening!

Outdoor Furniture


Find handmade furniture for your unique outdoor living space at Sweet Bay Nursery.

Gifts & Planters


We offer unique gifts for that special someone or yourself! Planter pots, living walls, herb planters, hanging Tillandsia vases, Tillandsia driftwood, and pre-planted native flower mix containers. All at affordable prices!